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You have reached THE internet home for Large Scale Commercial & Industrial Sewing and Fabric Constructions.

We are solution driven innovators: our clients needs are our inspiration

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solution oriented innovators: our clients needs are our only limitations.
Commercial sewing, Industrial sewing, fabric constructions, sewn fabrics, sewing contractor.

Designers and Manufacturers of Fabric Constructions of any Size or Proportion
of any Material that can be Sewn or Welded, for any Purpose, Indoors or Outdoors.
Typical projects include operable and stationary light control curtains,
area separation curtains, fabric panels, canopies, inflatable structures,
tension structures, parking lot covers, restaurant patio covers, flags, and awnings,
to name just a few.

Continuous one piece individual panels can be up to 100' seamless feet
with our existing custom designed and constructed equipment.

Sew-Big Collaborates with Major International Suppliers of Hardware and fabrics
to Provide Durable and Enduring Solutions to Time and Resource Critical Projects.
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9000 Hempstead Road, Suite 128, Houston, Texas  77008